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Volcano "Hybrid" Vaporizer

  • Balloon and direct inhalation
  • Evaporating temperature adjustable down to the degree 40°C-230°C
  • App with additional functions
  • Faster heating ~ 40 seconds
  • Removable power cord
  • Made in Germany

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€378.11 Tax excluded

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A legend becomes smart - we present the 'Volcano Hybrid'! After its predecessors, the 'Volcano Classic' and the 'Volcano Digital', have long since risen to the Olympus of the most legendary vaporizers because they are the best, 'Storz & Bickel' is taking it even further with the 'Volcano Hybrid'.

But what can the new one do better? First of all there is the faster heat-up time, which only takes about 40 seconds thanks to the improved double helix heat exchanger.

Then the 'Volcano Hybrid', which is also based on convection technology, offers two options for inhaling the usual rich steam of the highest quality.

Either the classic balloon system is used, where the valve balloon is first filled with the aromatic steam and then inhaled.

Or you inhale directly with the new, rotating tube system! By improving the airflow, this can be done completely without a pump. Only the traction and the lung volume of the user are decisive for the amount of steam inhaled. This means that everyone can tailor the steam pleasure to their personal preferences and circumstances. In addition, direct inhalation via hose does not necessarily require both hands, which is something that gamblers in particular will appreciate.

The digital display still impresses with the real-time display of the set and actual temperature. As a further innovation, however, there are now wear-free and easy-to-clean touchscreen keys, which further enhance the already great user-friendliness of all 'Volcanoes'. Especially motor handicapped people will be happy about this. In any case, the 'Volcano Hybrid' is the perfect vaporizer for patients who want to inhale their medicine in their home, thanks to its ease of use and great performance.

Another new feature is the extremely convenient app control of the device via Bluetooth connection. All settings of the smart vaporizer with the 'Storz & Bickel' app can be made remotely and conveniently via smartphone (compatible with all 'iOS' and 'Android' devices).

In addition to the pump interval control, this of course also includes the temperature selection in the range 40° C - 230° C (104° F - 446° F). Furthermore, configurable workflows allow the creation of individual temperature sequences. A timer can also be used for automatic switch-off, which saves energy. Firmware updates are also possible.

As you would expect from 'Storz & Bickel', the new Volcano is of first-class quality, starting with the materials used, the excellent workmanship and the most advanced technology, which ensures the impressive steam performance for all materials (herbs, wax, oil). The 'Volcano Hybrid' - tested by us for you on the 'Mary Jane 2019' and approved for HAMMER! Made in Germany.

Included in delivery:

  • 1pc Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer
  • 1pc power cable with EU standard plug, 230V
  • 3pcs Easy Valve Balloon with mouthpiece
  • 1pc Easy Valve Balloon with adapter
  • 1pc hose system
  • 1pc filling chamber (incl. cap ring, sieve set)
  • 1pc. drop pillow
  • 1pc cleaning brush
  • 1pc air filter set
  • 1pc herb mill
  • 1pc operating instructions en/en


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