Osiris "CBD-Aromapflege" Gelenkwohl 30ml
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Osiris "CBD-Aromapflege" Gelenkwohl 30ml

Osiris joint well - CBD aroma care oil

  • The CBD aroma care oil Gelenkwohl from OSIRIS is characterized by its mixture of BIO Arnica oil and BIO St. John's wort oil.
  • Both oils are refined through various wild collections of high quality essential oils.

Pure CBD extract effectively complements the aroma care oil. CBD-Aromatherapy Oil Gelenkwohl is suitable for a massage of the joints.

Application: In the morning and evening, massage a total of 2 pipettes of the mixture onto the affected areas and the solar plexus.

Content: 30ml

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With the CBD-Aromatherapy Oil Joint well ( 30 ml ) we have succeeded in combining selected wild collections with fatty BIO Arnica oil and BIO St. John's wort oil in a particularly effective way.

The purest CBD extract, extracted from the leaves of the hemp plant, is a successful enrichment that gives this aroma care oil its value.

Fields of application of the vegetable oils:

Arnica oil is used in naturopathy for the blood circulation of the skin and is applied in case of tensions.

The essential oils of St. John's wort, in turn, have always been considered a valuable gift of nature for the soul and skin.

CBD extract (cannabidiol) is usually extracted from the leaves of so-called fibre hemp or industrial hemp and does not have a psychoactive effect. The extract is not intoxicating. We use 100% natural Swiss hemp from the Fedora plant to obtain our oil.

Fields of application:

Hemp is said to have an antioxidant effect. It can therefore possibly intercept so-called free radicals (highly reactive, aggressive oxygen molecules, intermediate products of metabolism). Studies also suggest that CBD stimulates the vanilloid receptors, a special type of pain receptors, which could lead to a reduced sensation of pain.

Furthermore, there are indications that the use of CBD may possibly alleviate the symptoms of a number of chronic inflammatory diseases such as rheumatism or arthrosis, or activate the body's own self-healing powers.

The application of CBD Aroma Care Oil Joint Wellbeing is very simple: With the pipette, only a few drops are applied to the joints, e.g. shoulder, knee, elbow or ankle, in the morning and evening and gently massaged in. First, small circular movements are made around the joint with the index and middle finger. After only a few moments, a sensation of warmth may occur. Now the skin and tissue are further stimulated with stroking movements for a few minutes, which can help to relax.

A few drops of the aroma care oil massaged into the solar plexus (at the transition from the rib cage to the pit of the stomach) spread the pleasant smell of the CBD aroma care oil more quickly through the nose.

Relax body, mind and soul.

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